52 Week Planner Spread Printable File with Floral Border

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I am using this 52-week planner sheet to map out my weekly YouTube videos for the year.  But there are so many other ways you could use this in your own life.


  • Weekly savings goals
  • Weekly positive intentions
  • Weekly gratitude list
  • Weekly self-care schedule
  • Weekly creative project
  • Weekly family outing adventures
  • Weekly date night ideas
  • Weekly girl's night ideas

This file will print on a regular printer on an 8.5 x 1 letter sized piece of paper. You can cut the pages into 2 using the cut line in the middle and then hole punch it to fit your planner.  I have been using an existing sheet in my planner to mark where the holes go and then using a single hole punch to make the holes since did not have the right size 3-hole punch until just recently.